The City Pipes bagpipe band stands for vigorous  rock, classical music and everlasting Scottish tradition.

The City Pipes was founded in 2012 by professional musicians from Moscow, keen on Scottish music and eager to search for new musical forms. Daring experiments with the sound of traditional instruments have become the distinctive feature of the City Pipes. The pipers reveal the specific colour and the potential of the Scottish bagpipe, a highly original instrument with its overwhelming power and unique charm. Music of all genres, be it rock, classical music or jazz, transforms completely when performed on bagpipes, taking on new special colours and a bold and fresh sound.
Programmes by the City Pipes:
Scottish Traditional. Scotland as it is. Stern military marches and light-hearted dance melodies. The centuries-old music giving a plunge in the world of Scottish daily life and holidays.
British Rock on Bagpipes. On stage, the bagpipes turn to electric guitars bursting with masterly solos, and the drums transform into a hard rock drum set making the hall vibrate with their flamboyant and vigourous sound.

The City Pipes are:
Evgeny Lapekin  — bagpipes, director
Igor’ Vinogradov — bagpipes
Andrey Miranov – snare drums
Nikolay Denisov. – tenor drums